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Meaningful Work Bringing Meaning to Life

Meaningful Work Bringing Meaning to Life

When it comes to finding a career, salary may seem like the most important factor. However, according to multiple studies, meaning is actually a more valuable metric to today’s workers. In fact, on average, American workers said they would be willing to give up 23% of their entire lifetime earnings in exchange for always having a meaningful job. 

Meaningful work is defined by four key attributes

  1. The work has an important and positive impact on the well-being of human beings. 
  2. The work is associated with an important virtue or personal value
  3. The work has an impact that extends beyond the immediate time frame and into the future 
  4. The work builds supportive relationships and a sense of community among people.

These attributes can easily be applied to the work of ABA therapists. Working one-on-one, we are able to build a supportive relationship and make a positive impact on the lives and futures of children in our communities. This is why ABA easily ranks in the top ten most meaningful jobs. According to Forbes, ABA therapists come in at number 6, reporting a high job meaning of 96% This directly correlates with higher job satisfaction of 78%, rating higher than many less meaningful jobs despite having a lower median salary. 

At Ethical Clinical Careers, our goal is to help certified ABA therapists connect with ABA practices across the United States. Our platform helps you to easily find a career that brings you both meaning and purpose. Make a positive impact on the futures of children within your community and your own life by joining Ethical Clinical Careers today.

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